Mahotsav Brochure 2016

Chausathi Yogini In Hirapur

The 9th Century Chausathi Yogini Temple of Hirapur became public knowledge only in the year 1953. This hypaethral temple is the smallest of all Yogini temples and measures only thirty feet in diameter, with stone walls barely right feet high. Yet the atmosphere that exists within the temple is quite awe-inspiring. This miniature circle conveys as impression of overwhelming power and seems to transmit the potency and dynamic strength of its sixty four Yoginis.

This temple is built of coarse sandstone blocks with laterite in its foundation, while its Yoginis are carved from fine grained grey chjorite stone. The inner wall of this circular temple has sixty niches with all sixty Yoginis still in position.The smll central Pavilion has eight niches, four with images of the Yoginis ( actually three, as one Yogini is missing), and four images of Bhairans are housed in such niches. The image opf Shiva on the central pavilion is also missing. The Yoginis here are extraordinary beaitiful figures with exquisite features and proportionately formed bodies. They are standing images , all delightfully poised with the soft , rounded thighs exolled in poetry. Faces are delicately carved, oftrn with a gentle smile that further enhances their beauty , ehile the fact that some o thr Yoginis have animal heads does not detract from their attractiveness.

The Mahotshav

The concept of Chausathi Yogini Mahotsav came in to being to have the celebration of the 9th century archaeological site. Otherwise to have more influx o tourists, it was believed to have the festival at the temple site for provision of entertainment. All most all performances both classical and folk are relating to shakti Cult so that the cult and culture are beimg intermingled for a meaningful synchronisation of the ancient tradition with the present day psyche.

The Mahotsav site is barely 10 Kms away from the state capital Bhubaneswar. Every year the festival was being organised for 23rd, 24th & 25th December.

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Our Mission

To attract tourists to the Sixty Four Yogini Temple at Hirapur near Bhubaneswar.

To celebrate the cult, concept and the religious site.

To create a estive mood among the rural public and awareness among the urbanities.

To felicit an eminent Odissi Dance Guru with Chausathi Yogini Nrutya Prativa Samman.

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